Frestive is a grocery store That brings you the freshest

Frestive was started on 13 Agustus 2012 by the company PT Sumber Agri Sehat. With a retail space of about 400-600 m2, Frestive presents a small but comfortable place that focuses on the customer and the shopping experience which makes it simple and effortless for customers to find their daily needs.


Frestive is a grocery store from Indonesia

Frestive is derived from the words “Fresh” and “Festival”. Frestive means a joyful place that provides unforgettable experiences in shopping, with a reasonable price.

Frestive Company Profile


Healthy Product

Fruit & Vegetable

Our Fruit and Vegetables department is the best in the area, full of quality seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. You will find a large variety of organic and specialty produce with the best quality.

Drink Product

Drink Product

We serve juice and salad from the best quality fruit or vegetable to support the activities of your daily life.


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