Guide to Choosing/Buying Seafood

16 January 2015

Buying seafood is often more challenging than cooking it! That's why more than two-thirds of all seafood is consumed in restaurants. The main reason people are hesitant to prepare seafood at home is because they are apprehensive about purchasing it. At The Fresh Market, we believe an informed shopper is a more comfortable shopper, so keep these factors in mind when shopping for fish and shellfish:

Fresh Fish

Fresh, unfrozen fish smells like seawater or cucumber. If it gives off a strong, objectionable odor, it's past its prime. Finfish should have firm, elastic flesh that is unmarred. Any exposed flesh should appear freshly cut without traces of browning or drying out. The skin should be moist with unfaded characteristic markings and the colors of that species. If the fish has scales, they should adhere closely to the skin and should not be dry or "ruffled" looking. Plan to use fresh fish within two days of purchase. Maximum quality in fresh fish is maintained if fish is loosely wrapped and packed in finely crushed ice to prevent moisture loss. If you are unable to use the fish within two days, go ahead and cook or freeze it. Cooked fish maintains quality in the refrigerator at 32-34 Fahrenheit for two to three days. (See information below about freezing fish.)